Equality In Manchester

Promoting Equality in the World of Work in Manchester, North West

UNICEF UK Tagd is a network of young people in the UK who are committed to children’s rights. By fundraising, campaigning, and spreading the word, you can reach out to all the world’s children, adding your voice to theirs.

You have the right to express your opinions about the decisions that affect you and Tagd puts you in touch with policymakers, the media and the rest of the world. We work together in the UK to defend children’s rights everywhere. Get in touch with us.

Promoting Equality in the World of Work

We are pleased to be supported by a range of key strategic organisations including: the North West Regional Development Agency, the Government Office, the North West Regional Assembly, North West Forum, Exterion Media and the North West Trade Union Congress.

We are grateful for the financial support we receive from the South West Regional Development Agency, Capacity Builders and the Big Lottery Fund.

Our work covers policy development, capacity building, best practice, awareness raising, training and research. We aim to work with our regional networks and partners in all of these areas.

An Approach To Send Our Message Across Manchester


Recently, we have worked alongside Exterion Media in promoting equality in the workplace in Manchester.

Together, we came up with a strategic OOH advertising campaign as a means of sending a message to the local people about how we should view the workplace to be.

We choose T-Side bus advertising as this would cover a large area in Manchester, including the city centre and Greater Manchester. Click here for more information.

This has been one of our most successful pathways as we have received a crowd of positive responses and there are numerous supporters joining us. You too can support us by contacting us today.


Race issues are as relevant today as when the first laws came into being in 1976 to offer protection from racial discrimination.

As the UKs’ minority ethnic population grows it is important that race equality policies are reviewed to include new and emerging communities whilst supporting established minority ethnic groups.

Religion and Belief

More interfaith networks are working hard to build good relations between the different religious communities in the UK at both local and national levels. A mutual understanding and respect between religions is the core aim of most interfaith networks.

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